Alzheimer's Awareness is Critical to Your Business

By: Don Mitchell
Sep 21, 2015

Alzheimers_Awareness_Critical_Thumb1.pngHow prepared are you to help clients and families living with Alzheimer's disease?

I ask because today is World Alzheimer's Day, an initiative of Alzheimer's Disease International that serves as the pinnacle of the organization's World Alzheimer's Month™.

The goal of the annual campaign is to spread global awareness about Alzheimer's and to eliminate the stigma and misinformation associated with the disease.

Remember those affected

This year, the theme for the month is Remember Me.

"We're encouraging people all around the world to learn to spot the signs of dementia, but also not to forget about loved ones who are living with dementia, or those who have passed away," the Alzheimer's Disease International website states.

Please take a moment and remember those you know who have been affected by dementia.

Educational resources

If you've been following The New Age of Advice, you know that Transamerica is committed to educating financial advisors about Alzheimer's and how to work with clients and families living with the disease.

Our Advisor's Guide to Financial Planning in the Shadow of Dementia, written in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) AgeLab, was the first resource we created as part of this effort.

It features an outline to help you craft a comprehensive financial plan for clients who have developed dementia.

Other materials related to financial planning and dementia can be found on our Planning & Dementia Resources web page.

Advisor's checklist

Last month, I featured our "Why it Matters to You" one-page flyer. In light of World Alzheimer's Day, I'm directing your attention to the "Advisor's Checklist," which outlines several actions advisors should take when creating a financial plan for clients and families living with Alzheimer's.

The checklist, which can be downloaded below, is based on information taken from our advisor's guide and provides suggestions to help protect your practice, because there are legal and ethical considerations involved when advising clients with dementia.

As your book of business ages, you are likely to encounter clients impacted by Alzheimer's. There currently is no medical treatment to prevent, slow, or cure the disease.

By taking time to prepare yourself, you can earn trust and potentially build your practice.

If you would like hard copies of any material, or to learn more about this topic, please contact your Transamerica wholesaler at 800-851-7555. Our Financial Planning in the Shadow of Dementia program also includes a presentation designed specifically to educate advisors about how to help clients living with dementia.

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Financial Planning in the Shadow of Dementia: Advisor's Checklist
This one-page checklist shows several steps advisors should take when developing a financial plan for clients living with dementia.
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